Are You Excited About Your Work?

Are You Excited About Your Work?

I was just taking a little break to watch a guilty pleasure… YES, I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve been sucked into the Real Housewives of Orange County, lol.

Anyhoo, Eddie (who is starting a new business with fiance Tamra) said something that is so true:

“It’s amazing where you get this energy when you’re excited about what you’re going to do.”

It really and truly is!

I love the admin support business. I love being good at what I do, and I love how the work I do improves the lives and businesses of those I do it for.

It doesn’t even matter that not everyone fully grasps just how integral and important the work I do is to their better lives and smooth-running businesses. I know and it’s important to me that I put quality and expertise in everything I do.

Some people might be like, huh? Excited about admin work?

If they think like that, they are in the wrong business. Truly.

They will never succeed and each day will be a drudge if that’s how they feel about it.

And they shouldn’t try to change that about themselves. It’s just not what they enjoy—and they shouldn’t try to make a business of it. It would be sad and painful for ALL involved.

But guess what? There ARE people who really do love admin work, me included.

And who knows why? Who knows why any of us loves the things we do. We just do. I don’t love cooking, but I LOVE to clean (yes, I said cleaning, lol). It’s not important to know or figure out why. Just enjoy the pleasure of the work and pastimes that give you joy and make you happy.

Are YOU excited about your admin support business? Do you jump out of bed ready and rarin’ to go each day? Do you feel like you can’t wait to dive into the work when you open it up?

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  1. Peggy says:

    I agree Danielle! It’s very important to love what you do, especially if you have your own business! I also love admin work – supporting my clients, helping them figure out the best way to do things, exploring ways to solve problems, and generally getting things done for them that they can’t do or don’t like to do themselves. That is 90% of my business. The other 10% are the tasks that I have someone else do – hopefully – because I don’t enjoy them. The varied requests my clients come up with make my days interesting, exciting, and challenging. What more could you ask for in your business?

  2. I love what I’m doing. I’m fairly new at running my own business (January 2013). What I’ve found is the joy comes from the relationship with my client. I use a retainer package (thanks Danielle for pointing me in that direction) and found the work is interesting and my client truly appreciates the value I bring to her law practice.

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