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Random Musings on Life and Business from My Move

I’ve moved!

Earlier this month, I made an impromptu move (due to having enough of living next door to the neighbor from hell which I tolerated for far too long). I’d been tentatively keeping my eye out for while, but was really hoping things would improve (wishful thinking).

A month before, I’d found a beach house up on Whidbey Island. The view was stupendous, the house was beautiful, and I love the island, but there were a few drawbacks.

For one thing, it would be about an hour and a half away from my daughter. Also, there wasn’t much of a livingroom to speak of. All the space was in the kitchen (where I DO NOT spend a lot of time, lol) and master bedroom.

While it had two huge decks, one on the entire bottom floor and one on the second story outside the master bedroom, the way things were laid out, I would have had no where to put my beloved L-shaped glass desk. And as much as the island was self-sufficient, I would have to pay $20 for the ferry any time I needed to go mainland.

That place didn’t work out and it’s a good thing because I ended up finding my new place which is much better, more spacious and still close to my daughter while still being on the beach!

Here’s my new front yard on my first morning waking up in the new place:

My New Front Yard

We also have a 5-star restaurant here on the beach and had a celebration dinner the day after my move. When I opened my leftovers Saturday morning, they had given me a little box of extras with this note:

Welcome to the Neighborhood

So sweet!

My first hike on the beach at my new home:

I absolutely love my new community. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and knows each other’s names. I love it! It’s its own little world while still being near my daughter and the attractions of Tacoma or Seattle when I need ’em. I am in heaven, people!

My new community:

My New Community

Off in the distance, that’s Tacoma and specifically Point Defiance. That’s where I used to live and where all my trail photos were usually taken from.

Point Defiance in the Distance

As I reflected on my move, I had some musings about life and business that might resonate with you as well…

  1. Your life can improve and change for the better in an instant.
  2. The not-so-perfect is very often the PERFECT thing.
  3. It’s so true that for everything we thought we wanted or needed, but don’t get, there is ALWAYS something better in store for us down the road.
  4. You are human. You can’t do everything, nor do everything yourself—nor do you need to. Accept the help and kindness that others generously offer with gratitude.
  5. Accept your human limits and take time to recharge and regroup when your mind and body tell you to. It doesn’t serve anyone to keep pushing yourself until you are stressed out and frustrated. Just slow down and smell the roses. The world won’t come to an end if you take a break.
  6. Life is precious. Never let tolerations and anyone or anything unideal steal a drop of it from you. None of us is perfect in this effort and we often need a good swift reminder.
  7. Zap tolerations in the bud as soon as you can. It’s a downward slide that creates bigger negative consequences when you don’t. When you allow tolerations to linger (which is easily human to do for all kinds of reasons), you send the implicent message to others and the universe that it’s okay. And it’s not!
  8. You’ll always amaze yourself at how resilient and adaptable you are in any situation!
  9. Part of that adaptability is one of the reasons it’s often so easy to accept tolerations in our lives at times and adapt to them. But that’s not living an ideal life. The trick is to be adaptable to change, but don’t let that adaptability make you complacent about things that are unideal and unacceptable in your life.
  10. Work through your discomfort any time you’re called upon to step outside your comfort zones. And it IS going to feel uncomfortable, even when you are moving into something better and more ideal. You may have bad feelings in the pit of your stomach. You may worry, fret and stress about the unknown. But I promise you, on the other side it all washes away in an instant. So just embrace and accept it and know that it’s temporary and merely part of the process. You will be fine!
  11. Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. And thank God for that! How boring would life be without some shaking up now and again to bring new experiences? Love, love, love.
  12. And if it doesn’t work out, so what? You can change your life and do something different any time, any way, you please. You are always at choice.