You Are Not an Expense

You are not an expense.

You are an investment.

An expense is money down the drain.

An investment is something that yields returns greater than the money spent.

And that’s exactly what administrative support yields for clients. It yields greater returns in the form of more time, more bandwidth and creative space, more energy, greater focus, less stress, faster progress, better business, smoother operations… the list goes on.

Stop talking about savings and discounts and free this and that, and start talking about what your clients GAIN from working with you!

2 Responses

  1. Shannon says:

    Great stuff! Have a initial consultant tomorrow. Will be sure to frame conversation this way. She is a realtor who has never used an Administrative Consultant before so I anticipating hesitation on my fees

  2. Nancy Benn says:

    Thanks Danielle. I’m just beginning to have the confidence to charge what I’m worth & this is great advice! I know that I’m an investment for my clients & will now make sure I promote myself as such.

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