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Marketing Tip: Don’t Call Yourself a WAHM Anything

Marketing Tip: Don’t call yourself a WAHM anything.

(For those who don’t know, WAHM stands for work-at-home-mom.)

No one cares that you “work from home” or that you are “mom.”

It’s completely irrelevant and (worse) detracts from the kind of professional image that allows you to command respect, credibility and professional level fees.

Business is business. Your parental status and where you happen to work is of no import to anyone else whatsoever.

Not that there is anything wrong with either of those things.

The problem is one of connotation.

What people picture when they hear the term WAHM is someone distractedly sitting around in her pajamas with a squalling kid on each  hip rather than a competent, highly skilled professional and expert who is working in a committed business.

You wouldn’t go to a job interview in your sweats, would you? The image that would project would not be at all suitable and would not show that you took the matter very seriously.

Well, the words and terms you use to to market your business are the same thing.

They are your dress in print and need to reflect and elicit the kind of image in clients that they can trust and feel confident in.

Instead, focus the attention on the needs, goals and challenges of your clients and their businesses.