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Come to the Table with Proper Preparation and Manners

If you can’t be bothered to make an effort and have the respect, good manners and professionalism to put your best foot forward when you ask others to expend their time, attention and expertise helping you, you should expect the same level of effort and interest in return. 😉

A few quick tips:

1. Be clear. Write/speak in complete words and sentences (e.g., don’t grunt at me or expect me to waste my time trying to decipher your meaning.)

2. Get my name and the name of the organization right. Demonstrate that you are observant and attentive to details. You don’t give me anything to work with if you are so oblivious you can’t even get a name or term right.

3. I don’t care about typos here and there, but do demonstrate that you at least know how to spell and punctuate properly. If you can’t, you shouldn’t be in business.

4. Have the right attitude. Don’t act like you are owed my or anyone else’s time and attention.

5. Do your own homework first. (It’s obvious when someone hasn’t bothered to read anything or done any research whatsoever.)

6. If certain procedures are requested that you follow first, then follow those procedures and instructions.

7. Your mama didn’t raise you like that. Remember your manners and say thank you, always. It matters.