How to Properly Juice Up Your New Laptop Battery

From the “you learn something new every day” file:

Maybe you all know this, but I just learned how I should be using my laptop battery and how to charge it properly the first time.

  1. When you first get the battery, don’t charge it and don’t plug in the power cord. Instead, immediately snap it on the laptop and use it until it runs out of life completely.
  2. THEN, plug in the power cord and recharge the battery in full. As soon as it’s fully charged, unplug the power cord.

I was told that if you’re going to use your laptop, use either battery power OR electrical power, not both together. Big no-no!

When you do that (which I’ve always done in the past, bad laptop user that I am, lol), it destroys the battery cells and you won’t get as long a life of use from it.

That means, if you’re going to use electrical power, you should remove the battery whenever you have the power cord plugged in. And vice versa: If you’re going to use battery power, unplug the power cord from the laptop entirely.

With my laptop batteries being relatively pricey to replace, I’m definitely going to follow this advice from now on.

I did get a good two or three years worth of use from my last 10-hour extended life battery, though, so not too bad! But I plan to take better care of my next one.

Hope this is helpful to you!

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3 Responses

  1. Interesting. Thanks for this information.

    I guess what might bother me most about this (more so in the winter weather conditions) is that if I am working on my laptop with it plugged in and I won’t have my battery inserted and then the weather or a car running into a power pole blows out the power, I lose what I am working on. Whereas if I have the battery in and the power goes out, it just automatically switches over.

  2. Dani says:

    I had nooooo idea! Thank you!

  3. Good point, Lorrie! That hadn’t even occured to me. Although, I never do any work on my laptop anyway. I always just remotely log into my home desktop computer so all my work is there in one place. Of course, power could go out there, too, and I have had times when I’ve lost work and cursed the skies, lol. All in all, though, I just chalk it up to “life happens.”

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