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You ARE Already Thinking Big

You ARE already thinking big and doing big things just by being on this path and journey of business ownership, self-reliance and determination.

And as an administrative expert, you are helping your clients achieve their dreams as well, every day.

That’s HUGE!

I’ll tell you the reason this thought occurred to me…

Yesterday, I was sitting in a restaurant, having a leisurely breakfast and perusing the newspaper, which I rarely ever do.

I came across the world news section and there was yet another article about the war with a photo of an Afghan man on crutches. Just an innocent citizen going about his business, trying to live his life, when a bomb obliterated his neighborhood, killing many and severing his spine.

It occurred to me that the fact he could even stand on crutches was a miracle considering the poor and sparse access to healthcare, much less emergency services, they have over there.

We see and hear these stories every day these days so I don’t know what it was about this one in particular, but the reality of what life must be like for all those poor people caught in the crossfire hit me right down to the depths of my soul in such heart-wrenching clarity. It was all I could do not to burst into tears for this man and all the innocent people over there who can’t live a normal, safe, healthy life.

And along with that thought, I felt enormous, enormous gratitude for my happy, simple life and being able to be sitting there in that restaurant, on my laptop and running the business that allowed me to be sitting there at that restaurant in the first place… to have the freedom and lifestyle to come and go as I please, where I please, and to do and have the things I want and like.

I never would have ever had this kind of life if I hadn’t taken that BIG step and had the BIG thinking to go into business for myself, helping my clients with the body of knowledge and expertise I earned over the years.

It’s amazing and we are truly, truly, truly blessed to be able to have this ability and opportunity to have the life of our dreams.

We don’t need no stinking spotlights. We aren’t fame and attention-whores. But our pursuit of our businesses lead the way not only to our own self-determination and to do bigger and better for our families and grow as people, but in so doing and being, we also pave the path for those less fortunate in the world and become living examples of what is possible.

That IS huge in my book.