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Your Value Is Not About Dollars and Cents

A few weeks ago, I was eating at a crowded place and two nice little ladies asked if they could share my table with me.

“Of course!” I said.

We started chatting and one of the ladies gave me her biz card. Her name sounded really familiar, but I couldn’t place where I knew her from.

She asked what I did and after learning that I worked with attorneys began telling me about a legal problem she was having.

I told her I had a client who helped with things of that nature and slid over his name and email address.

She laughed and said, “Oh, I know him! He helped me before!!”

THAT’S where I knew her name from! And we chuckled over what a small world it really is.

I asked her if the attorney was able to help her with her previous issue, and she said, “Oh, yes! He sent one letter and they never bothered me again.”

As she continued to talk, I could tell she still had a little bit of bad feeling about what she had to pay.

She must have realized she sounded like she was complaining and said, “Don’t get me wrong, I know they spend a lot of money on their education and they have to make that back…”

This is what I said to her:

Oh, there’s nothing to feel bad about. I get it. Attorneys cost a lot. It hurts to part with that much money. And you’re not responsible for paying their education. That’s their choice to decide to become a lawyer. What you’re paying for, rather, is the legal knowledge and expertise to find a solution for you and keep your legal problem from becoming a much more costly one. So that one letter that cost $500 actually ended up saving you thousands of dollars as well as the time and energy and anxiety of a much bigger, more expensive legal issue.

She stared at me for a minute, processing what I’d said.

I could see the light bulb going off and she said, “Wow! You’re right! I never thought of it like that!”

Never think things are so obvious to everyone else, even if they are to you.

Your value isn’t in being “affordable” (code for CHEAP).

Your value is in the bigger issues you save your clients from, in the ease and convenience you provide, and the time you both save and give back to them.

It’s in the challenges, obstacles and roadblocks you help them overcome.

It’s in how you help them move forward, much faster than they could going it alone.

Focus your message on THOSE things, not on the dollars and pennies they don’t have to pay.