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Why It Matters What You Call Yourself

It’s not the only thing that’s relevant when it comes to educating your market.

And it’s not the most important thing.


What you call yourself is the very first marketing message and instructional tool you employ in educating your market, setting expectations and creating understanding.

What you call yourself sets a tone and informs everything that follows.

What you call yourself is the very first thing that sets perceptions, understandings and expectations in prospective clients, particularly in an industry such as ours where it’s not common knowledge or understandable or clear to most people what we do.

What you call yourself affects how clients think of you and understand the relationship (rightly or wrongly).

What you call yourself plays a role in helping you attract ideal (or unideal) clients. It can make the difference between attracting well-paying professional clients who recognize the value of your talents and expertise, and amateurs just looking for a cheap gopher.

Whether you realize it or not, what you call yourself affects the way you perceive yourself, the way you market, how you talk to clients, how you end up working with them and running your business, and the ease or difficulty you have in commanding professional level fees.

You’re a business owner and expert in the art of administrative support. So stop calling yourself an assistant. If you portray yourself as an assistant, that’s exactly how clients will expect to pay you and work with you.