Dear Danielle: I or We?

Dear Danielle:

I have been struggling with “me/I” versus “us/we” when wording my website. The reason I am asking is because I will have my daughter helping on occasion. Do you think that the “we” sounds more professional than the “I”… or should I just represent as a one-woman-show? Thoughts? —Katie Burke

Hi Katie 🙂

I have people who help me in my business as well. However, I predominately use “I” and “my company” because the rapport I want developed is between me and my prospective clients.

I also want to underscore the fact that it is a partnership in which we will be working one-on-one together. I won’t be abdicating or outsourcing our relationship or their work to outside third-parties.

Your website content should be a conversation between you and your ideal prospective client. If you want to bond your reader to you, you make it personal (“you”) and write in the present. Talk with that person as if he or she were sitting right there across from you.

And always remember that your conversation should be focused on and about that other person in the conversation. Done right, you should have a lot more “you” and “your” in there than “I”, “me,” and “my.”

3 Responses

  1. Katie Burke says:

    Danielle, great advice as always!!! I have gone in and adjusted my wording to reflect that personal touch and I can have a peace about doing so. What would we do without you? 🙂

  2. Katie Burke says:

    …. now I have to change my template to be a bit more professional, add some additional info, and I am ready to launch!! So excited!!!

  3. Good Morning!

    I have been struggling with this question since 1999! I used “we” when I first started, as I wanted my company to appear larger than it was. Two years later, when I had 2 onsite assistants, it was a “we”, but now that it’s just “I” again, I found myself struggling with the same issue.

    I agree; using “I” gives me the personal touch I’m looking for so thank you for your gentle nudge ‘off the fence’ that I was looking for!

    Have a great day!

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