How to Achieve Your Standards, Values and Desires in Your Business

It’s all well and good to be told that to be successful in your business, you should have incredibly high standards, you should refuse to compromise them for anyone, you shouldn’t move too fast, and you should do your best work.

Easier said than done, particularly in the administrative support business!

And what do we mean when we talk about standards? Standards are boundaries, desires and values you have for your life, your business and what you want for your clients.

It can help to look at standards in view of some of the issues we run up against in our businesses that we want to avoid or solve:

  • Clients thinking you’re their beck-and-call substitute employee;
  • Becoming overwhelmed or disorganized with the workload;
  • Being so bogged down and crowded in the work that you aren’t able to do your best work; reacting and scrambling instead of being proactive and having the space to apply critical thinking and creativity (creativity is KILLED by crowding and overwhelm);
  • Working beyond normal business hours into the nights and weekends has become the habit in order to keep up with work and deadlines;
  • Never having time to take proper care of yourself;
  • Having so much work or working so much for one client that you don’t have time or room for anyone or anything else;
  • Living to work; not having enough time for your own life.

Most of us want to do a great job for our clients AND we also want to have plenty of time to enjoy our lives, right? These are two of the most basic standards we all have for being in business.

So how do you avoid these kind of pitfalls I’ve mentioned so you can achieve those standards? How do you ensure you are able to meet those goals and live up to the values you have for yourself, your business and how you want to take care of clients?

With a system!

And what is a system? A system is a method, plan or series of steps involved with the goal of streamlining or reducing work, improving efficiency, instilling consistency and dependability, and creating the circumstances that allow you to do your best work, all the time.

So a system becomes a plan, a roadmap, a tool for being able to achieve certain results, uphold your standards and values, and accomplish your objectives for your life, your business and your clients.

Without a system for being able to uphold your standards and boundaries, for managing the workload and client expectations, for working in a way that allows you to earn well without sacrificing quality of work and service, you will always feel a downward pull and drag that works against you in your business.

This, in turn, directly impacts your earning ability and income potential.

  • You NEED to avoid being crowded in the work so that you can do your best work, all the time, for all your clients.
  • You NEED the right conditions and operating policies and procedures in place so that you can work with your right number of clients and earn well in the process (business success is no success if you are not profitable and earning well in terms of both money AND discretionary time).
  • You NEED to have time for your life or you will become unhappy and resentful of your clients and the work, and won’t be able to serve either well.

This is what my class on August 22 is all about… teaching you my simple, unique, insanely easy-to-implement systems, policies and methods for achieving these kind of results in YOUR business.

This Wednesday, August 15, is the VERY last day to register and I don’t want you to miss out. These systems will change your life.

Check it out here >>

2 Responses

  1. Teri says:

    Hi Danielle,

    As usual I am in awe because you just stated how I work in a day. Ok well, I feel like I am at my computer all the time day and night with one demanding client. He has taken his toll on me many times, and just the other day I had to sit down and have a chat with him about me being a consultant and not on demand employee. Boy that went completely over his head and he hasn’t changed.

    But I digress, I was really looking forward to this class, and due to an unfortunate turn of events I cannot sign up. So I am wondering if in the future? I know it won’t be for a while, but if I know that you are offering it again I can possibly attend that class. Your classes are amazing and inspiring and I hate to miss this one!

    I took your Pricing class, and it has made a HUGE difference in my work load, (no more scrambling to get invoices out, or the hated watching the clock).

    Please let me know about the class, because you bet I will be there for the next go around.

  2. Hi Teri 🙂

    Thanks for the great words! I’m so happy you enjoyed the previous class and that it helped you out so much!

    Darn that you aren’t able to attend this one. A lot of what we’ll be covering will be how to avoid and rectify the kind of situation you describe with your client. It involves standards, managing client expectations (and how you do that and what tools you use to do that) and ultimately knowing when it’s time to let difficult clients go so that you can open up space for more ideal clients.

    I’m not sure if or when I will do this one again as I have some other classes and projects I’m itching to get to. Plus, I’m gearing up to embark on kind of a big adventure in 2013/2014 (too soon to let the cat out of the bag, though, as far as details). If I do, it most likely wouldn’t be until next year. As long as you’re on my mailing list, however, you’ll get notice.

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