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Two More Phrases to Delete from Your Biz Vocabulary

Two more phrases to delete from your biz vocabulary and website content: “work-from-home” and “home-based business.”

You are sending out the wrong signals and setting wrong perceptions in your potential clients with these phrasings.

“Work-from-home” is a phrase that refers to telecommuting—both of which are terms of employment, not business.

The fact that you run your business from home is completely irrelevant. A business is a business, period.

Even thought it might be true that you technically are a “home-based business,” that phrase detracts from your professional image and has a subtle, subconscious implication that it is somehow different or less than a regular business.

I’m not suggesting you lie about it; you merely don’t need to point it out or emphasize it or focus on that detail whatsoever.

‎(By the way, this is also the reason the word “virtual” is completely ridiculous to be using in business. It’s a completely superfluous, inane, irrelevant detail that doesn’t need to a part of your title, marketing or business conversations whatsoever.)