Which Title Captures Your Attention Better?

I am just finishing up a new free tool for Administrative Consultants and so excited to share with you.

I’m a bit stuck on the title, however, and could really use your help.

Let me know which title captures your attention better in the poll below.

Or maybe you think neithere of them is good and have a better suggestion. If so, please do let me know in the comments.

Many thanks!


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16 Responses

  1. The Client Compass – pointing your business in the direction of success!

  2. Ms.Mattie says:

    If I had to choose between the two, my choice would be “Guide To Finding Clients”. If it were mine, I would likely title it “Client Attraction Tools”.

    Whatever the title, I’m sure its going to be great and very useful to us all. As always, THANKS for all you do Danielle.

  3. Autumn says:

    Get Those Clients Now!

  4. Jayleen says:

    Guide to Finding the Right Clients for You
    How to Find the Right Clients
    Guide to Finding the Right Clients

  5. Dawn Briggs says:

    Clients to us are holders of a sacred trust to their dreams. We partner with their business success.

    For us, it is about finding success partners…that success goes both ways.

    Just an approach we use but it’s not generic. Thanks for all you do. You make our jobs as being Professional Consultants an honorable one.


  6. Cheryl B says:

    How about “Where Are All the Clients?” or “Where Are My Clients?” or “_____ Ways to Find Clients”. Of the two you suggested, I like “Guide to…” best.

  7. Finding the right clients

  8. Cathey says:

    Finding Clients

  9. Tes says:

    Locating your Ideal Client Guide or set your Compass in the direction of the Ideal Client or Setting the GPS to find your Ideal Client.

  10. Carmen says:

    Something that would catch my attention would be:
    Grab them while you can

  11. Ruth Solberg says:

    A Practical Guide for Finding Clients for Your Administrative Consulting Business

  12. How about “Guide to Finding Ideal Clients?”

  13. My suggestion would be Finding Clients in todays economy. Not sure why, it just struck me.Y4y3

  14. Karon says:

    While both titles are clear and straightforward, they lack zip. Just a couple of suggestions.
    I don’t know how many strategies you are offering, but maybe something like – 10 Sure Fire Ways to Attract New Clients. Do the methods cost any money? If not the word FREE is always enticing, like 10 Free Ways To . . .The word Easy always attracts too; 10 Easy Ways To Find New Clients.
    You provide such quality content, I look forward to seeing this product.

  15. Karen Taylor says:

    Guide to Finding Your Ideal Clients

  16. Thank you SO MUCH, everyone, for all your wonderful suggestions! You have been a huge help and I now have my title–BIG thanks to Autumn Butler, for that. I put so much work and effort into the substance of these things, I just have nothing left when it comes to dreaming up “sexy” titles, lol. I really appreciate you all (((HUGS)))

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