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Free Income and Pricing Calculator

Hey, I’ve got a little present for you today!

It’s our new and HUGELY improved automated ACA Income and Pricing Calculator that you can download for free.

We’ve offered a calculator since 2006 to help folks get conscious about their numbers and figure out their hourly rate.

However, I’ve never been an advocate of billing by the hour because it’s the least accurate way to charge for the value you provide. In fact, it actually causes you to LOSE money and earn poorly.

So for the longest time I’ve wanted to completely overhaul our calculator to walk you through the process of getting clarity around your income needs and help you calculate your pricing baseline in a completely new and different way, a way that will help you actually realize your income aspirations and look at achieving them from a different angle.

I finally got around to doing just that earlier this year, but then I got stuck on a more advanced Excel formula so I put it back on the shelf until two weeks ago when a colleague came to my rescue.  Thanks to her wonderful assistance, I was finally able to finalize our new calculator so I could share it with you today. Enjoy!

PS: Please do let me know what you think!