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Money Does Equal Success

Our success does indeed hinge upon money.

No, it’s not the sole or perhaps most important reason we do what we do. BUT you can’t be in business to work for free.

If you aren’t making it… if you are struggling and not doing well financially, you will not be truly successful in helping clients. You’ll be able to help fewer of them, and the fate and sustainability of your business will constantly hang in the balance. Yes, money–earning well–is an absolutely critical component of success.

If you are earning poorly, it will keep you preoccupied and constantly scrambling for money.

It will cause you to make poor decisions that can have terrible, long-term implications for your business.

It will keep you from developing a healthy professional self-esteem, which creates its own self-perpetuating negative dynamic.

Money desperation puts you at a disadvantage. It will attract the wrong clients who will take advantage of that desperation. And filling your practice with those kind of wrong-fitting clients will keep you from attracting your right-fitting ones.

This is why earning well has got to be one of your goals in business. Making money is not evil. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, if you look at it like this, it’s absolutely necessary in order for you to take fabulous care of your clients.

One of the ways you can begin to earn better and create more ease in your business is to work with retained clients–clients who pay you a monthly fee for your support.

Working with retained clients allows you to improve your cashflow. With a roster of retained clients, you don’t have to constantly chase after nickel and dime project work. The pace of your work becomes more relaxed, which creates more choice for you in your business. You can make better decisions for your business from that space. It’s easier to grow your business, and not at the frenetic, soul-draining pace that project-chasing forces you to be in.

If you would like to learn how to create a retainer-focused business model and conduct consultations that convert your prospects into retained clients, I am teaching a class this month on October 25. There’s still time and room for you to sign up. I’d love to have you there!