POLL: Do You Prefer Live Teleclasses or DIY eProducts?

So I have a new question for you… when it comes to paying for business/marketing learning and you can only do one or the other, which do you prefer: live teleclasses or self-paced do-it-yourself e-products (e.g., ebooks, videos, audio recordings)?

Also, what is the reason for your preference? Curious minds want to know! Please do contribute to the conversation in the comments. 🙂

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8 Responses

  1. I prefer to learn DIY so I can work it around my schedule, and when I’m in the right mindset to learn.

  2. I prefer DIY e-products simply because I can work on them at a time to suit me… invariably the webinars are at a time I have something else in the diary, or because of global time differences are in the evening when I have left my desk for the day and I forget (or choose not) to go back to it!

  3. I prefer teleclasses because no matter how committed I am, and how into it I am at the onset, at some point when it’s left up to me, I don’t finish when it’s DIY. With the teleclass, I’m forced to be present, be active, and participate. I have my homework ready for the next class and when the classes are through I’ve learned what I needed to learn and am ready to take my certification test. I’ve done both and I’ve had more success with the live teleclasses hands down.

  4. Carolyn says:

    DIY works best for me for the same reasons as stated in Leslie’s comment. As for audio recordings, I highly recommend that those be transcribed and offered as well as the audios for those of us who prefer to read rather than listen. I find so often that I just flag the audios for follow-up, but only occasionally go back to them. Having the option of printing them out and reading them at the dining room table or while laying in bed would be great – and would allow us to highlight those areas of greatest import to us.

  5. Hi All –

    Love the comments everybody is leaving. I am a teleclass kinda girl. I have found that when I make the commitment to “attend” I am more apt to follow through. Otherwise, it seems learning takes a back seat to day to day activities. Having a recording of the teleclass or materials I can print out to review are helpful too. I guess that puts me in the “both” category. LOL

  6. I completely agree with Carolyn’s comment. I prefer DIY due to my schedule. I’m raising a 10 month old, so something is bound to come up forcing me to skip the teleclass. I often find myself flagging audio and never listening to it, however, I have definitely printed out transcriptions to read later.

  7. I like both – I prefer the live classes because of the interaction and opportunity for questions/comments. But, when I’m in a time crunch or tied up with clients, I am grateful for the DIY learning and ability to do it “on my time.”

  8. Rita says:

    I prefer DIY solely because of time constraints. With DIY I can complete knowledge acquisition at my pace and during my preferred time. However, I do like to take teleclasses whenever I can.

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