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Value Is Not a Two-for-One Sale

You Are Not on Sale

When we talk about and use the term “value,” we aren’t talking about bargains and two-for-one sales.

Value is about providing your expertise in a way and at a level that supports the big picture goals, objectives and needs of your client and his/her business.

Client’s don’t hire us for the fun of it or because they have money burning a hole in their pockets or simply for the tasks. They hire us because they have an end-goal in mind, a purpose and somewhere they are trying to get to.

Our work is our expertise, and we should quite rightly have great pride and respect for it—those who do are MUCH better service providers.

But our value is never about our work. Clients hire us because our work and expertise helps them accomplish something or get somewhere they are striving for.

Always get to the “why.” Why do they need the work or support? What goal, objective, ideal or aspiration is it in support of? What challenge are they trying to solve? What problem or pain are they trying to get relief from?

THAT’S where your value is and what your work and expertise is all about.