You Are Not a Newbie

I don’t like the word “newbie.” I think it’s disrespectful, and I consciously avoid using it whenever possible.

The only people who should be in this industry are those who have a professional level of skill and experience already. That’s what qualifies them to open an administrative support practice in the first place. And those people aren’t newbies. They are simply new in business. Big difference.

And another thing… the idea that you need to charge less just because you are new in business is complete and utter rubbish! Shame on those so-called “industry experts” and training organizations who have been telling you that!

They get upset about folks who aren’t charging enough for their business to be financially successful and in the very next breath tell them if they’re new, they don’t deserve to be charging as well as any other business. What hypocrisy and nonsense! You shouldn’t be taking business advice from people like that.

You might have a learning curve when it comes to successfully running and managing a business (who doesn’t), but that doesn’t make your administrative skills and years of experience any less valuable.

Of course, you might not have the confidence or knowledge to charge well or even appropriately, but lacking confidence does not mean you lack value. Again, big difference.

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  1. Awesome post Danielle. I am most insulted when I am referred to as a newbie given that I have 20 years administration experience at management level nogal besides project management, office management and executive assistant at board and exco levels, the cheek. And yes, you are right, I am new to the business aspect but that too is not rocket science, excuse the pun, based on the levels of entrepreneurial-ship I’ve held in these leadership positions. You rock & I love you for telling it like it is! Have an awesome day further, nearly midnight, need to hit the sheets xoxo

  2. In my haste to hit the sack I forgot to mention that I one thing I am lacking in my new business is effective marketing but am working on it as the Gritty VA has indicated it is the one thing one may lack the confidence or ability to do!

    Have an awesome day guys

  3. Yeah – tell it like it is!!! I’m in my 3rd year of business, but like Arlene, I’ve got 20+ years of admin experience, including 10+ years of C-level support. And being a “business-owner newbie,” I’m learning how to be the CFO, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief IT Officer, and of course, the CEO. With that, however, comes the fact that I am also the Chief Custodian, LOL.

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