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What Are Your Consultation Stumbling Blocks?

I’m putting together a special learning module that expands on the concepts for conducting consultations that I share in my guide, “Breaking the Ice: A Step by Step System for Confidently Navigating the Consultation Conversation and Converting Prospects into Retained Clients.”

Right now, I’m a bit stuck trying to figure out what should be included, how many sessions are needed to cover all the material and how to organize the outline, and I thought you all could help me out.

If you are in the administrative support business, still growing in your consultation skills and would welcome some additional hands-on help, I need to get a gauge about where you are specifically getting stuck.

Do you feel like you’re doing well in consultations, but then not getting the clients?

Are there particular parts or topics in the consultation that you struggle with?

Is lack of confidence your stumbling block?

Please email me and describe what you feel are your stumbling blocks or trouble areas and where you’d love to get help.

I’m working on something really great for you!