How You Can Afford an Administrative Consultant

You may have heard about Administrative Consultants, and think they’re great.

An Administrative Consultant is someone who is in the business of providing ongoing administrative support to clients they work with in one-on-one, collaborative business relationships.

You totally get it and would love to work with your own Administrative Consultant.

As with anything of value, however, it’s going to cost something.

So you hold off and keep slogging along by yourself wondering how you can afford to work with an Administrative Consultant.

Well, let me show you…

How You Can Afford to Work with an Administrative Consultant

When you work with an Administrative Consultant on an ongoing monthly basis as your right-hand administrative partner, you can get so much more done than you ever could by yourself.

You free yourself up to focus on more important things.

You also get all that extra stuff done in less time.

Which means your business moves forward much more quickly than it would all on your own.

And when you have time and room to take on more clients, and you are accomplishing all those revenue-generating projects and goals you couldn’t get to before, you end up making more money than it costs you to work with an Administrative Consultant.

Let’s recap…

By working with an Administrative Consultant, you:

  • Free yourself to focus on revenue-generation
  • Reduce your own workload
  • Get more done
  • Make faster progress

That extra time you create by working together is time you can use to:

  • Take on more clients
  • Write that book
  • Develop that training program
  • Create those passive income products

All of which increases your revenue. So the question really becomes, how you can you afford not to work with an Administrative Consultant?

3 Responses

  1. Yelena says:

    Nice graphics 🙂 You’re right – working with a VA can free up a ton of time to concentrate on something else, something more important. As @conversiondocks tweeted earlier today “Great question to ask self multiple times each day: Am I working on my most important task?”

    An even greater question would be, IMHO, What is the most important task that I should be working on to build my business?

    VAs can work on your most important tasks while you take time to strategize and discover the next most important thing for your business.

  2. Another awesome article. Thank you Danielle

  3. I love the chart. It communicates the message in a quick, humorous way. Sometimes I think that getting potential clients to understand this part of our benefits can be extremely difficult.

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