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Be Careful Who You Take Your Business Advice From

Recently, a member shared her experience working with a business coach who told her that her $50/hr rate was too high and that coaches in solo practice expect to pay between $15-$30/hr for a Virtual Assistant.

Around the same time, I came across a listserv post where a coach was schlepping his wife’s new Virtual Assistant business around to the lowest bidder.

In the very next breath, he’s posting business advice to Virtual Assistants about what they need to do to create successful businesses.

Um, newsflash to Mr. Coachipoo: Charging professionally/profitably should be at the top of the list.

You know what really pisses me right off, folks?

That these so-called coaches are out there mentoring, advising and coaching people on business success–you know, like valuing/honoring yourself and what you have to offer, charging professionally–but then seem to think those things don’t apply to Virtual Assistants.

Be careful who you take your business advice from.

Make sure it’s NOT from people who just rolled out of bed yesterday and decided to call themselves “coach.”

Most of those people don’t know jack-shit about business.