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Saying Anything to Get the Business Is a Fast-Track to Downfall

You’ve seen websites like this: newer virtual assistants who are so eager for business they’ll make all kinds of unrealistic promises in order to get clients, any clients, to bite.

They practically promise they can stop the sun from setting and the rain from falling.

Some of the claims and promises they make fall only this short of practically telling clients they’ll peel their grapes and lick their boots.

They don’t understand that they are creating expectations in clients that will be extremely difficult, if not downright impossible, to live up to or manage, and thereby set themselves up for failure. (not to mention, let down the clients who depended on them).

It neither serves nor honors clients (or yourself) to say anything to get the business. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Denise Aday wrote a fantastic article that speaks to this kind of straight-talk: Tough Love Accountability: 4 Golden Rules

Now that’s honesty. Guess what’s great about honesty? It means it is trustworthy.

It’s important to be forthright and realistic about what you can and can’t (or won’t do) for clients and the limitations of your service You want to set healthy boundaries and expectations.

A trustworthy person can be counted on to be consistently truthful and reliable in their words and actions.

Clients of trustworthy people know that they will get straight-up advice and feedback that will truly help them move forward in their business and get things done.

Those who can’t be truthful and honest about reality are often people-pleasers.

People-pleasers think they are being nice. But what’s nice or honorable about dishonesty? Because that’s really what it boils down to: dishonesty.

They’ll say anything just to be nice or get the business, and in the end, there’s nothing nice or helpful about that.

When you lift the facade, people-pleasers are just selfish, self-absorbed and concerned only with their own interests. That’s certainly not client-centric.

Others who can’t be truthful about reality are suffering from a scarcity complex.

Scarcity thinking and poverty mentality are killers, folks.

If you are saying anything to get business, you are letting fear-based thinking get the best of you. It’s saying to yourself, I’m not worthy of ideal clients who respect me and value what I do for them. It’s saying to the universe that you don’t deserve clients who respect and value you and will treat you well.

This kind of thinking is powerfully debilitating.

It will prevent you from growing a business that serves and honors both you and your clients, one that is sustainable, manageable, and will attract the right kind of long-term clients who will truly honor and respect the valuable assistance you provide for them.

Don’t let fear-based thinking guide your words or actions.

Trust that when you instill realistic, reasonable and respectful expectations and are reliably, consistently truthful and upfront, you’ll attract more ideal clients.

You, your business and your clients will reap the benefits a hundredfold. You’ll have better clients and a happier life and business.