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Acquiescence Is Not a Business Strategy

Some members and I were having a brainstorming session to help a colleague who had a prospective client who was balking a bit at the terms of her agreement.

In the course of our conversation, another member proposed the idea of allowing the client a PAYG (pay-as-you-go) arrangement until they felt comfortable working on a retainer basis.

Here’s what I think about that…

Acquiescence is not a business strategy.

It’s a mentality that says “I need to take whatever I can get and my business interests are of less importance than the client’s.”

It’s settling for something less than ideal.

You do not have to settle for anything less than what you want for your business.

And you will never get what you don’t ask for and expect.

If you allow others to dictate what you want or need, whether in life or in business, you will be forever plodding through life at the mercy of everyone else’s whims and wishes.

Set it and expect it!

If you are trying to build a business with a roster of retained clients, it doesn’t serve your purposes to expend your time and energy on prospective clients who aren’t ready to commit to working with you in the way you need and want.

All that does is distract you and divert your focus, energy and resources from finding those clients who are ready.

If you never assert your expectation for working only on retainer, you will be stuck piddling around with clients who won’t ever make the commitment.

And for every exception you make to your standards and policies, you are instilling more work, more administration and less profitability in your business.

The beauty of this is that having this expectation doesn’t involve long, convoluted discussions.

You don’t have to explain yourself or make excuses for your policies.

All you have to do when you are having your consultations and explaining how things work in your practice is simply say, “This is how I work with clients to help them achieve the best results in their business… ”

Let those who don’t fit weed themselves out. Save your energy for those who are a fit.

You will be much happier. And your business will be much more successful and profitable because of it.