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If You Are a Virtual Assistant, You Are Not a Staff Member

Let’s get something straight here: Virtual Assistants are not staff members.

We have an entire industry that in very large part (at least when it comes to newcomers) is under the erroneous impression that Virtual Assistants can be illegally employed as workers by clients or businesses without paying employment taxes on them.


Anyone who is trying to work as an employee to a client or business from home is a telecommuter which is a work-at-home employee. And employees and employers are subject to governing agency laws, taxes and reporting.

Virtual Assistants are not employees; they run their own businesses.

Know what that means?

It means they manage their own time and work according to their own business/work/project schedules.

They inform clients about their services, rates, policies, processes and standards, not the other way around.

They are in business to work with many clients, not just one.

And legally speaking, that means they are not managed, controlled, supervised, scheduled by nor required to “report” to clients in any way as an employee.

Got any questions about that? Let’s discuss.