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Humble Yourself — Your Business Will Grow Because of It

Humble Yourself  — Your Business Will Grow Because of It

We are bombarded these days with the mantra “become an expert.”

We hear this left and right from business mentors, but a lot of people don’t really understand what is really meant by this.

It doesn’t mean pretending to know things you don’t.

It doesn’t mean rolling out of bed and deciding to call yourself something that actually takes years of study, training and experience to be professionally competent at.

It doesn’t mean pretending to be successful when you’re just getting by and learning the ropes like anyone else.

What it does mean is putting yourself out there and promoting the things you do know.

It means pushing past comfort zones and being in the business of continuously learning and growing.

That requires that you constantly exercise and expand your capacity for curiosity, intellectual understanding and critical thinking and asking questions.

If you never ask questions…

If you constantly pretend to know more than you do…

If you are only parroting and not truly understanding someone else’s words and only copying them…

You are going to seriously hinder your ability to actually reach an expert state in your business.

There’s no shame in being a student of business.

Embrace it — because doing so is going to help you and your business succeed and shave years off your learning curve.