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Grateful Mondays: On Being Unmaterialistic

Today I am grateful for not being burdened by materialism.

I was reflecting on this the other day as I was taking a little country drive. The sun was peeking through the clouds, the pastures were emerald green and glistening with a recent rain, and the hills in the distance were powdered with snow. It was so beautiful, and I was filled with delight and satisfaction.

And I thought, man oh man, I have all I need. And I really do.

I think it must be a terrible burden for those who have a constant, unquenchable thirst for “stuff.”

Don’t get me wrong… I don’t deprive myself of luxuries or things I want. But my want and desire for things and trappings is very minimal. When I indulge, I am satisfied.

I’m very grateful for not having any addiction to keeping up with the Joneses or the next new thing.

Life is good.