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Dear Danielle: Accountant or Administrative Consultant?

Dear Danielle:

I appreciated reading your Administrative Consultants Association website. I was wondering if you plan on creating a site that is for accounting professional assistants in to administrative support assistants? I am new to the industry, but I assure you I have completed effective training and researched this opportunity for over a year. I have almost 20 years of experience in accounting and will have my CPA in as soon as 2 years. I began working just 3 months ago as a full time assistant. Do you feel that you will have an effective network for accounting professionals or is there some work in progress on this? โ€” CH

We don’t hold that there is such a thing. Let me explain…

Ours is the business of ongoing administrative support.

If you aren’t in the business of administrative support, then you aren’t an Administrative Consultant.

Someone who specializes in accounting is an accountant. If someone wants to be in the accounting business, then they should look to that industry for advice and guidance and to join its associations.

Not sure what is so confusing about this to anyone. It’s really very simple.

There are people who specialize in supporting accountants and financial professionals, but their business and work is still administrative support. That’s simply who their target market is.

Do you understand?

They’re still Administrative Consultants. There doesn’t need to be a special term for them.

Likewise, the accounting profession already exists and has its own associations, certifications, business groups and so forth. Don’t need to reinvent the wheel for that target market.

Some further marketing advice: If you are an accountant and that is the business you are going into and you want clients to find you, it’s in your best interests to call yourself what you are โ€” an accountant.

If someone is looking for a bookkeeper, they aren’t going to be searching for “web designer.”

It would be just as ridiculous and not make any sense whatsoever to call yourself an “accounting assistant” if what you in fact are is an accountant.

And in either case, if you are a business owner, you are never anyone’s assistant, neither legally nor practically. “Assistant” is a term of employment and has no place in your business vocabulary.

If you are in the administrative support business, then you are an Administrative Consultant. And if you work with accountants/financial pros, then you’re an Administrative Consultant who works with accountants/financial pros.