How NOT to Do Customer Service (this Is Hilarious)

Okay, so I call up Home Depot to ask some questions on some paint stuff.

After running the gauntlet of their very NON user-friendly voice system, I find what I think is the right department.

I press the number I’m instructed to push, and the phone rings and rings and rings and rings…

FINALLY, just as I’m about to hang up, someone answers and says “hello?

That’s it.

No “Hello! Welcome to Home Depot. How may I help you?”

Just a flat, quizzical “hello?” as if they forgot who they were and how they got there.

I’m like, “Uhhhhh, hello? Is this Home Depot?”

And the guy says, “Yeah, this is Home Depot.”

Um, okay… so are you, like, going to help me or what? (I’m thinking to myself.)

So I’m sitting there confused, wondering what Twilight Zone I just entered, and then the guy starts talking to me.

Turns out he’s a flippin’ customer!

He proceeds to tell me that I actually reached the wallpaper department (or something like that), and that he’s been sitting there forever waiting to be helped and there’s no one around.

Well, I’m cracking up at this point.

“So you just decided to answer their phone?”

“Sure, why not?” he says. “I don’t have anything better to do, and I was getting bored.”


We end up chatting for about 5 or so minutes. He tells me he’s actually a contractor, and asked what I was looking for.

I figure, what the heck, I’ll just tell him.

I explain what I was looking for, and he tells me I’d be better off going to a direct paint dealer, that’s where all the contractors go, we’d get better quality materials and great service to boot, it’s cheaper even, yada yada.

And all the while that he’s giving me all this great information, he’s totally badmouthing Home Depot: how crappy they are, how crappy their service is, how incompetent the employees are, how they’ll just tell you whatever you want to hear over the phone just to get you in the store, that is if you can even GET someone to help you on the phone in the first place… and so on like that.

I mean, it was TOTALLY hysterical!

And I actually got some great advice and information from him on top of it all, lol.

Home Depot is known for its super crappy service, but this takes it to all new kinds of heights (or lows, as the case may be) when the customers are answering the phones and sending business elsewhere.

Too funny!

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2 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    This has got to be the most hysterical customer service story I have ever read in my life. You should go on It’s a new customer service website where shoppers can post their experiences at stores (national and local). They would love something like this.

  2. Cindy McIlhargey says:

    LOL OMGosh… I would have been laughing hysterically as well! And I also learned something from this that I didn’t know and that is when it is time to start painting our house, we are not going to HD or Lowes. LOL

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