Stop with the Home-Based Stuff Already

Okay, okay, I’ve had it up to here with all the “home-based” this and “home-based” that.

Virtual Assistants are especially guilty of this.

Look, gang, you could be running a business out of dumpster for all that it matters. A business is a business. There is absolutely no reason to bring “home-based” into the description.

In fact, many of the marketing experts I’ve been speaking with tell me this is one of the biggest mistakes home-based business owners make–emphasizing the fact that they operate out of their home.

It. Doesn’t. Matter. It’s completely irrelevant, and doing so actually hurts the credibility and professional image you want to portray. All clients care about is whether you are running a committed, professional business that they can depend on.

Take the “home-based” out of it.

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