How Do You Start an Administrative Support Business?

I get asked this on an almost daily basis.

It’s not a simple question and far too general, but basically you start up an administrative support business the same way you start up any business:

You spend time reading, researching, doing your homework and getting your ducks in a row.

You go through the exercise of putting together a business plan to make sure you are fully aware and conscious of all that is involved in getting up and running.

And you need to be realistic, too. It can take months or even over a year before you land that first client.

The more preparation you do in establishing a firm foundation for your business, before you open your doors to accept clients, and the better you are at marketing and networking and talking to people, the quicker your chances of establishing your client base.

Of course, you first have to have a high level of administrative experience and qualification. Anyone who doesn’t have that, doesn’t have any business taking people’s money.

To being, talk with your state and local agencies to find out what they require from you and what your obligations are as a business owner. You may need to get registered, licensed and pay business taxes.

One of the biggest obstacles to success is the lack of business sense and understanding. So many are stuck in employee mindset, often not even realizing it.

Running a business, any business, is more than just providing the services. You have to know how to deal with clients. You have to know how to devise operations, procedures and processes that contribute to the smooth running of the business. You have to understand how profitability works.

My organization has tons of information on its pages to help you understand what administrative support as a business is all about and how to get started.

My organization also offers foundational forms, contract templates and business guides. These are the very best forms in our industry, and cover all the concepts involved in working with clients. In and of themselves, they offer some of the best education and information for starting a Virtual Assistant business.

We’ve even got a business plan template specific to our industry which is probably the single-most important document to get your Virtual Assistant business started.

If you have more specific business questions about starting up, shoot them over to me and I’ll post my answers here on the blog.

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