Don’t Lead with Industry Jargon

I know you’ve heard this one as many times as I have:

“I’m so tired of telling people I’m a Virtual Assistant and having their eyes glaze over.”

That’s because you are using industry jargon instead of telling people what you do, who you do it for and how it helps them.

If you are a Virtual Assistant, you should leading off with something like this:

“I’m an administrative expert who helps small business owners who are struggling to manage everything themselves, and who don’t have the time or space for in-house support. I work in ongoing collaborative parternship with clients to help them grow their business, be more productive and efficient and have more time for life. I’m one of the ‘Big Three’ experts that all business owners should be partnering with: their attorney, their accountant, and me, their Virtual Assistant.”

You tell them what you do, and then give them the term for it at the end.

This kind of explanation also helps distinguish Virtual Assistance from secretarial services, which provide project-oriented, task-based services.

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