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What a Grateful Day!

It’s a grateful day today!

I literally LOVE my life, and constantly marvel at how lucky I am to be able to make my living being my own boss and doing work I love from my cute little office.

I’ve established a foundation in my business in a manner that allows me great freedom and flexibility. Not that there isn’t hard work involved (of course, there is!), and sometimes I need to be nose-to-the-grindstone.

But the beauty of it is that since I enjoy my work and the circumstances of my work so much, it’s not work at all. In fact, sometimes, it’s all anyone can do to tear me away from my desk, LOL.

When it’s important to me to do so, I can step away when I feel like it, take a nap according to my natural rhythms, go on my daily hike, or take off for a little road trip or paddle.

How many people can say they get to life their lives on their own terms like that? The ones who do are very fortunate. I am fortunate indeed, and wish everyone could experience this kind of happiness and joy for living!

The other day I was chatting with a client. He and his wife finally sold their brick and mortar business, and are now embarking on a months-long, extended tour of the country in their RV, all the while continuing their virtual business operations.

There are so many adventures in store, and I’m so excited for them. We were talking about how sad it is that so many people live and die working for “da man,” giving up on their dreams of savoring life in whatever way truly makes them feel alive… perhaps never even daring to have those dreams, all the while slaving away day in and day out in soul-less, mind-numbing jobs that won’t ever give them the opportunity or financial freedom to LIVE.

What a fantastic lifestyle us Administrative Consultants get to live, wouldn’t you say?!