How Do I Sign Up For a Virtual Assistant Position?

Dear Danielle:

I’m interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant. I have many years of experience as an executive assistant, and would like to try working from home. I’ve set up cross-country conferences/events, traveled to those events, prepared/monitored budgets and performed other routine administrative functions. Please provide me information about what is required to sign up for a position. —BT

I’m not sure why this misunderstanding continues to persist, but I welcome the opportunity to clarify whenever it arises.

Virtual Assistance is not a “position.” Telecommuting jobs are “positions.”

Virtual Assistance is a profession. It’s a business that one decides to enter into.

The Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce is not in any way associated with telecommuting (work-from-home) jobs. Virtual Assistants are independent business owners who work for themselves and market like any other business to attract their own clients. My organization is an association of these professionals to support them in those efforts and help them build smarter, more successful businesses.

If you are interested in Virtual Assistance as a profession, there is a wealth of information on our Virtual Assistant Association website. Spend some time reading all the information presented. That will give you a good initial primer on what Virtual Assistance is and whether it is a profession you’d be interested in pursuing.

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