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My Business Mondays

I was chatting with a newer client the other day, and she asked me about my Mondays off.

You see, my posted office hours are Tuesday through Friday. I’m not “open” on Mondays. She imagined I was doing all kinds of fun stuff, and fantasized about being able to do that herself some day (with the great help of her new, trusty Virtual Assistant).

I told her that while it is sort of a “fun” day for me, it’s really more what I call “MY Business Mondays.”

I could “see” her quizzical look through the phone, and explained that Mondays were the day that I work on nothing but MY business. It’s the day where I work ON my business performing administration, sorting through things that can be delegated, and so forth.

It’s also the day that I work on my business development. One Monday, I might be simply thinking creatively; imagining and drafting out ideas for my business. Other Mondays, I’m finetuning my systems, writing, or putting some automation to use. Others, I might be concentrating on learning a new skill.

This was a completely novel idea to my client, and confessed she had never thought of doing that before. A whole day devoted to her own business? What a luxury!

I suggested that while doing everything herself might have contributed to not having enough time for business development in the past, she could still make it a standard for herself and simply decide to set aside one day each week in the same way I had. Hey, you can’t have time for what you don’t schedule.

And for some, this might sound like a stretch, but I believe it with every fiber of my being—setting aside time to work ON your business is actually critical to taking good care of your clients. The better your business runs, the more you can improve your services to them.

You simply cannot continually improve your services if you don’t allow yourself the time to examine your business, fine-tune processes, learn new skills, create new service offerings and information products, and work on automating, systemizing and documenting your operations.

So you see, it’s not really a luxury (although it might feel like that). It’s really a necessity to create time to work ON your business, as much as it is to work IN your business.

Are you setting aside time to work on your business?