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Danielle Keister
Founder & Administrative Consulting Expert

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About the ACA

ACA is the Administrative Consultants Association, an online professional community and resource center for independent professionals who specialize specifically in the business and art of administrative support.

Our mission is to inspire, educate and support Administrative Consultants in growing stronger, more financially successful practices that bring greater personal happiness, freedom and client satisfaction.

It was created by and for Administrative Consultants.

The ACA was founded in 2005 by Danielle Keister.

About Danielle Keister

Danielle Keister (pronounced Kī-ster) is a business provocateur, Administrative Consulting expert and founder of the Administrative Consultants Association.

I have been in the administrative support business since 1997, when I officially took out my business license after doing this work on the side for many years. My administrative expertise comes from an administrative background spanning 30+ years. In my own administrative practice, I specialize in supporting solo and boutique lawyers in intellectual property and business/entertainment law.

Since 2004, it's also been my privilege and honor to be a sought-after business expert and mentor in our industry. Besides my honest business savvy and direct, no-nonsense style, I believe people are attracted to the authenticity and integrity of my expertise. I know what I'm talking about because I'm still in this business and have been since 1997. How can someone teach you how to get clients and succeed financially in this industry when they are new themselves or no longer operate their own administrative support business? ;)

In 2005, two inescapable facts compelled me to start the ACA:

  • All the information newcomers are inundated with upon entry in the industry doesn't show them how to truly be business owners; rather, it only shows them how to keep being under-paid assistants except that now they do it from home. That's certainly not why any one of us started our businesses.
  • Most people in the industry are earning less than $10,000 a year. Who can live on that?! And it's not because they can't earn better (they can!). It's only because all the initial information they get out there keeps them operating and working with clients in ways that do not lead to healthy, profitable and sustainable business and financial success.

I've worked tirelessly since then to provide a higher, more sophisticated level of business information, education and resources to help colleagues build financially successful businesses so they can take far better care of clients while also building the business and life of their dreams!